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The proven way to long-lasting business success

Of all the marketing strategies Brian Tracy used throughout his groundbreaking career as an entrepreneur and well-known speaker, books have been by far the most powerful tool.

They've brought millions of interested people to his programs and opened doors to the world's biggest stages for him.

Using books in your marketing is the key to unique expert status, recognition in your field and a stream of highly engaged prospects for what you offer.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and personal brands just don't have the experience to sit down for weeks to write a book from scratch and to create a marketing system around it that keeps new clients coming non-stop. We will help you to do just that.

Time to leave your competition behind...

Today, you get the exclusive opportunity to bring your business to another level by having Brian Tracy as your co-author, one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business success.

This offer is designed for thought leaders and industry professionals who are ready to elevate their impact and influence. By partnering with Brian Tracy, you’re not just publishing a book - you’re making a statement in your field.

But not only that: With multiple decades of experience writing and marketing international bestsellers, we know the ins and outs of growing businesses through book marketing. By working with Brian Tracy's own marketing team, you will not only write your book with the legend, you will be able to grow your business rapidly and get more clients than you can handle.

What to expect after your successful application?

In just 3 steps, you will collaborate with one of the biggest names in the industry, rapidly growing your business and brand.

1. Strategy

First, we use our expertise from over 45+ bestsellers to help you craft a clear book strategy.

This strategy will not only establish your brand and position in the market but also leverage proven techniques to attract tons of interested leads.

2. Content

We offer you support, ghostwriting, and proofreading to ensure your work meets Brian Tracy's high standards.

Your insights will be presented in the best possible light, making your collaboration with Brian truly outstanding.

3. Marketing

Once the book production is complete, it's time for marketing. Because after all, what's the benefit of a book if no one sees or reads it?
You have the opportunity to collaborate with Brian Tracy's own marketing team to ensure your target audience is reached efficiently.

Who is this unique opportunity for?

Our offer is specifically designed for driven and ambitious entrepreneurs, consultants and experts who:

  • Want to expand their visibility and credibility
  • Have great knowledge and expertise in areas such as marketing, leadership, conflict management, change management, or sales psychology, and wish to share this with a big audience
  • Are seeking an effective marketing strategy and positioning for their business and personal brand
  • Are ready to invest in a significant opportunity that can elevate their business and reputation to a new level

Please note: This unique opportunity requires an investment on your part. This investment not only involves your time and knowledge, but also a financial commitment. However, this investment will enable you to gain unparalleled visibility & recognition and to grow your business rapidly.

Why you should work with Brian Tracy

  • Brian Tracy as your co-author: Partner with a global icon for unmatched visibility and credibility. Benefit from Brian Tracy's extensive knowledge and reach with millions of fans worldwide.
  • Proven System for Business Growth: Utilize today's best marketing system to get clients - book marketing. Showcase your solutions and outpace your competition by collaborating with a legendary bestseller author.
  • Work with real experts: Collaborate with Brian Tracy’s own marketing team and use proven marketing & growth strategies from more than 45+ bestselling books.
  • Establish Expert Status: Position yourself as an authority in your field. Being on a cover with Brian Tracy elevates you above the competition, making you the go-to expert for potential customers.
  • Meet Brian Tracy and more exclusive bonus opportunities: As a member of our co-author program, you have the opportunity to meet Brian Tracy in person. Benefit from access to exclusive bonus material & business strategies and get unparalleled trust through individual testimonials and more.

Hear From Our Success Stories

Testimonials from Co-Authors

Maria Solodar

Social Media Expert & Author

Mauro Campanaro

Financial Service Advisor & Entrepreneurial Coach

Heiko Spark

Digital Marketing Expert & Business Coach

„For me, this book is not only about increasing one's reach or visibility by being a co-author with Brian Tracy, but much rather it's a statement for your goals, visions, and your own life.“

Amira Shukri

Co-Author, Computer Engineer & Executive Coach

"This project is very beneficial and lots of insights have been shared.

I would recommend this to any thought leader who is thinking about writing a book and sharing their knowledge with a wider community."

Kaley Chu

Author, Keynote Speaker & Coach

„I am so happy that I made the decision to write a book with Brian Tracy and that I am here today to learn from him, because let me tell you, this is literally life-changing for me.

I can tell, this is only the start.“

Jordan Myers

Real Estate Broker

Pascal Bachmann

International Speaker & Business Strategist

The way these guys work is just the highest level. The process was a very nice and comfortable journey. It created an experience that I personally adopted into my business.

Go for it. Don’t think twice. Do it!“

Christian Rupp


Paul Misar

Entrepreneur & Investor

Vivian Weris

Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author

Toni Rebic 

Alignment Coach & Psychologist

Arno Müller

Business Partner One World

"Getting the chance to join forces with such a legend is an amazing advantage for the future.

You learn a lot and can significantly extend the reach of your business. "


A Legacy Carved Through Words

Brian Tracy stands as a testament to the power of words and the transformational impact of literature. 

With over 92+ books to his name, selling more than 10+ million copies in 55 different languages, Brian Tracy is one of the most influential bestseller authors and public speakers worldwide.

Brian Tracy began his journey by writing about his own stories and lessons learned from sales, leadership, and improving oneself. His books, rich with strategies for achieving personal and professional success, quickly resonated with readers worldwide.

As his literary footprint expanded, so did the demand for his wisdom beyond the written page. Brian Tracy's books became the golden ticket that opened doors to some of the world's most prestigious platforms. From big international conferences to corporate seminars, he was sought after to speak and share his knowledge.

More than 250,000 people hear him speak each year, and his ability to make complex ideas simple and actionable has won him fans everywhere, inspiring millions of people worldwide to achieve their own success.

Through his books, Brian Tracy didn't just share knowledge; he was able to build a lasting legacy of success and to generate multi-million dollars of income. Today, he's celebrated not just as an author, but as a global thought leader who has touched lives and inspired change on the world's biggest stages.

Ready for your business breakthrough?

Becoming co-author with Brian Tracy is your chance to solidify your expert status, extend your network and ultimately increase your influence in your field. If you're ready to take the next steps on your path to success, apply now in just 2 minutes and build a lasting legacy of success.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • This opportunity is open to ambitious entrepreneurs, consultants, and experts who are ready to elevate their visibility, credibility, and business success.

    Ideal candidates should possess significant knowledge and expertise in areas like marketing, leadership, conflict management, change management, or sales psychology.
  • The process is a collaborative effort in three main steps:

    Strategy development, where we craft a clear book strategy leveraging proven techniques;

    Content creation, offering support, ghostwriting, and proofreading to meet high standards;

    Marketing, where we ensure your book reaches your target audience efficiently.
  • Partnering with Brian Tracy provides unparalleled visibility and credibility, establishing you as an authority in your field.

    It leverages a proven system for business growth through book marketing, offering a unique opportunity to showcase your solutions and outpace competition.
  • Brian Tracy Publishing was founded by Brian Tracy himself to collaborate with experts like you to help grow your business success. 

    It's the definitive platform for working with Brian Tracy, offering you direct access to his brand, expertise, network and marketing team to drive your business to success.
  • Yes, as a member of our co-author program, you have the opportunity to meet Brian Tracy in person and even get an individual testimonial.

    You can also get access to exclusive bonus material & business strategies.
  • This is not just about writing a book; it's about making a statement in your field.

    By working with Brian Tracy's own marketing team and leveraging over 45+ bestsellers' worth of marketing and growth strategies, you're positioned for unmatched business growth.
  • You'll receive comprehensive support throughout the writing process, including strategy planning, ghostwriting, and proofreading services.

    Our team ensures your insights are well-articulated and align with Brian Tracy’s high standards, making the collaboration truly outstanding.
  • Collaborating with Brian Tracy offers the unique opportunity to benefit from his status, decades of experience and expert knowledge.

    You not only receive a personal endorsement from him but also gain access to his network and will establish yourself as a leading expert in your field.

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